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The Summer Of Aught One

This miniseries is unfinished. It was my take on what would happen during the summer after Buffy died. I did plan a 6th episode, but it just never happened. Partly due to the fact that I’m lazy. Partly because things kinda got distracting toward the end of the summer of 2001. Soon, season 6 started and there seemed to be little point to any of it. So imagine the 6th script as the one that somehow manages to tie the events of this series into the continuity as seen when season 6 premiered.

After the funeral of their friend, the gang must learn how to live without her and keep up the fight against evil as an evil that was released on the night of Buffy’s death begins to reveal itself.

The Social Worker
A social worker comes to take Dawn away. Unwilling to let this happen, the Scoobies spring into action.

Visiting Friends
Buffy watches the gang as they go about their lives.

The Chosen One
The Council gets Faith out of prison so that she can act as Slayer, but all is not as it seems.

Faith’s first meeting with the Scooby Gang is not what any of them expected.