General Buffy Fanfic

The Summer Of Aught One
The summer after Buffy died, I began a mini-series that followed the Scoobies as they tried to survive without her. This is one of my earliest attempts at writing the show. It's unfinished and probably not my best work.

The Meeting
In season 6, Buffy had just come back from the dead and Willow's magick addiction was getting out of control. This short script follows them as they attend group therapy sessions in an attempt to resolve their issues.

During season 6, in the middle of the darkest hour for the entire Scooby Gang, one had to wonder how the season would eventually end. I wrote this script during that season and it is a very different season finale than we saw on TV.

A Death-Blow Is A Life-Blow To Some
This was my stab at a Buffy Halloween episode. The story is set during season 7.

William And Cecily
A story about Spike and Halfrek before they were demons and when they were just humans named... well, you get the idea.