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Angel : Revamped

For quite a long time, I was very unhappy with the direction of ďAngelĒ as a series. I thought that the writing was horrible, the arcs were insane and everything was just wrong. The series started out well enough, but by the second season, everything began to fall apart (sadly, it would never be very good again). After Connor came along and grew up in a matter of weeks (when will producers learn that this NEVER works well?) I wanted to see if the show was salvageable at all. So I tried to write a fix-all miniseries. Okay, itís not brilliant. I admit that. Still, some of the ideas probably could have been used to help turn things around.

The episode that resolves the season 3 cliffhanger finale. It may not be great but then again, I didn't have a whole lot of good material to work with

Lies And Deception
Lilah discoveres something inside of Wolfram and Hart that she never expected.

Letting Loose
The gang deals with what they've just learned. Some better than others. Meanwhile, a new evil arrives in town

The Road To Success
After the events of the last episode, Cordelia and Gunn both begin new jobs.

The Quest For The Six Relics
Angel and his gan must try to gather six relics in order to prevent the upcoming Biru rising.

Enter Night
The night of the Biru homecoming is at hand. Can the ritual be stopped in time? SEASON FINALE!