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8.1  Scratch   Buffy, Willow, Xander and Dawn settle into their new lives in a new home.

8.2  No Worries   Buffy hasn't had to kill anything for months. The question is, will she be able to when the need arises?

8.3  Me Time   After being attacked by a hooded baddie, Willow finds herself in the one place she would rather not be... her past.

8.4  Who's The Slayer   Buffy is asked to counsel a girl whose brother recently suffered severe injuries at her hands.

8.5  The Trouble With Hah'Ree   Holloween in Bear River brings unexpected visitors.

8.6  Opposing Forces   Buffy, Willow, Xander and Dawn settle into their new lives in a new home.

8.7  Over The Lips   Buffy learns of Slayer blood being served to vampires in Las Vegas, and sets out to put an end to it.

8.8  Legacy, Part 1   A diary begins to explain the mystery of the gang's new house.

8.9  The Sanctity Of Youth   Buffy and Willow go to Florida to track down a young Slayer and find a demon that feeds on youth.

8.10 Cold Front   Cordelia Chase finds her way to Bear River, but the gang suspects that all is not as it appears with their old friend.

8.11  Twenty-Three Skidoo   On Buffy's birthday, Kennedy returns with an unseen force attacking her.

8.12  Legacy, Part 2   The continuation of the Isabelle/Richard story is revealed to Buffy in a dream.

8.13  Hostage   Kennedy returns, hoping for Willow's help with a locator spell.

8.14  Open Doors   Following the events of the last episode, Willow finds that she is unable to control her magick.

8.15  Unlocked   Dawn finds herself in the middle of her schools "Battle of the Brains" competition, while Buffy makes some interesting discoveries.

8.16  It Just Is   In another part of the world, a Slayer must face her biggest enemy.

8.17  The Road To Hell, Part 1   WARNING: Intended for mature readers only. When a girl named Sara discovers she is adopted, she sets out to find her birth mother.

8.18  The Road To Hell, Part 2   WARNING: Intended for mature readers only. The truth about Sara's mother is discovered, but it is not what Sara expected to find.

8.19  Hide And Seek   Demonic activity heats up as the Night of Morel Diveneh gets closer.

8.20  Flashback   How did Kennedy end up in her current situation?

8.21  Home Sick   The pieces of the Morel Divineh puzzle come together, leading the Scoobies on their mission to stop it.

8.22  The Power   The Night of Morel Divineh finally arrives as the series reaches it's conclusion.

To Be Continued...

Introducing Rupert Giles   A reflection on the life of Rupert Giles.

Six Part Mini-Series...

Once And For All: Two Years, Eight Months Later   An indeterminate amount of time after Buffy left, we discover what has happened to the gang.

Once And For All: The Long Way Home   Old friends return as Buffy continues her hunt and Dawn journeys back to Sunnydale.

Once And For All: Arrivals   While the gang worries that Xander may have given the Council too much information in his reports, a new girl in town becomes the target of a stalker.

Once And For All: The Bodies In Her Wake   Buffy's friends struggle to accept some of the actions that she has taken in her fight against evil.

Once And For All: Purpose   A brutal vampire attack forces Buffy to bring the fight to her enemies.

Once And For All: All The Tomorrows   Willow and Xander's wedding day finally arrives, and Buffy's true intentions are revealed.